Analyse and profile unstructured data of an organisation to identify and quantify cost savings and efficiencies.

AI.ANALYTICS is a free to use analytics tool that helps organisations identify the tangible cost savings that can be realised by better managing their unstructured data through a fully automated information management and governance solution.

The three steps to improve the information service of an organisation with Automated Intelligence

A complicated and costly challenge for organisations hosting data

Managing unstructured data with ever-increasing volumes of information across disparate systems, amid decreasing budgets and mounting regulatory pressure, remains a huge challenge. Organisations typically host multiple disparate Information Management systems which may be poorly adopted or only support departmental requirements.

These systems can have little consideration for corporate policy and maintaining them can result in a significant overhead.

Creating the business case for data improvement

Developing an effective information management strategy can offer numerous opportunities for reducing and controlling IT costs and improving information governance and data quality.

Before this can be done, it is critical to analyse an organisations current unstructured data and to identify how significant cost and efficiency savings can be achieved.

AI.ANALYTICS is a free to use analysis tool that will quickly present the cost savings that can be achieved through better management of unstructured data.

Using an organisation's data, it examines an expansive set of data repositories to allow the organisation to understand exactly what this data contains.

AI Analytics Product Screen AI Analytics Product Screen

Key features include:

Identifies information which is
  • Relevant
  • Required by corporate and/or regulatory policy
  • Inaccessible
  • Duplicated
  • Redundant
Takes into account
  • Current data storage costs
  • Future storage costs
  • Archive costs
  • Total data volumes
  • Data quality
  • Recall rates
  • Growth rates
  • Application usage
storage saving can
save an estimated
  • A detailed breakdown of the data profile in an easy to read interface
  • An executive summary showing the scale of cost savings that can be achieved by migrating to a fully automated information management and governance solution and/or to hierarchical storage and archiving technologies
  • An interactive dashboard allows users to see the cost impact of applying different types of information management policy settings and scenarios
  • The historical and future data growth/management pattern for the organisation

AI.ANALYTICS is a proven method that provides organisations with a fully verified and relevant analysis of a significant sample of their own data.

  • Determines potential hard cost savings
  • Provides a business case to improve information governance, improve data quality or migrate to a new platform
  • Produces a detailed report with key ROI metrics to support effective decision making and policy implementation
  • Identifies scope for increased efficiencies and improved productivity
  • Projects future cost savings potential
  • Presents appliance, cloud or hybrid deployment

All modern organisations show similar data trends.

Our recent analysis of over 800TB of data across 20 public and private sector organisations, clearly illustrates several consistent trends regarding the state of unstructured data holdings.


Average Results
  • 58% of all unstructured data held is either duplicated or redundant
  • Less than 2% of data is recalled after 2 years
  • Over 70% of SharePoint storage holdings is an unnecessary cost to the business
  • Ineffective information governance resulting in unnecessary operational overheads
of all unstructured data is either
duplicated or redundant

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