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AI.CLOUD SERVICES is a secure intelligent information management solution which allows organisations to drive rules-based archival of non-core data into the Microsoft Azure platform.

The solution brings a new level of management and control across an organisation’s data and allows a fully flexible and highly cost effective approach to data management.


The Solution

AI.CLOUD SERVICES provides a seamless layer between content management solutions, such as Fileshares and SharePoint along with legacy repositories and cost effective cloud storage.

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Using AI.CLOUD SERVICES allows an intelligent archive point to be established, either at migration time or during live management of the legacy platform. This allows the organisation to define when content should be moved to Office 365 or added to the Azure archive. The intelligent archive point is not fixed, but can vary based on organisation requirements and the type of content.

AI.CLOUD SERVICES further provides the ability to define and manage the lifecycle of information held in the archive through the ability to define retention and disposition rules. These can be defined based on content age, type or any other metadata fields including classification and source location (if provided).


Using AI.CLOUD SERVICES allows an organisation to take advantage of the benefits that Microsoft Azure brings. Allowing significant cost reduction, simplified management and a subscription cost model that greatly reduces the overall cost of managing data.

Further AI.CLOUD SERVICES provide an enhanced solution over FileShares and legacy platforms including search, audit and retention management. This ensures that not only can documents be retrieved but their lifecycle can be managed in line with organisational and regulatory requirements.


  • Provides a robust archive area
  • Provides an efficient and cost effective management of data against record or regulatory policy with full quarantine, retention and disposition management.
  • It caters for large, complex rules sets and allows the configuration, updating and reporting of both rules and data holdings. This reduces risk, whilst also reducing costs.
  • Customers’ storage costs are appropriate to the data and how useful or relevant it is.
  • Defensible disposition means that data no longer needs to be held indefinitely, further reducing costs and risk.
  • Allows highly skilled valuable resources to focus on higher value business applications delivery.

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