Extends the functionality of SharePoint to offer a full information management and governance solution.

AI.COMPLIANCE EXTENDER provides the additional necessary functionality to enable a cost effective solution for information governance and records management. It is built upon standards such as ISO15489, MoReq and TNA enabling SharePoint to be used in addressing compliance requirements.

The three steps to improve the information service of an organisation with Automated Intelligence

Records management and information governance best practice

SharePoint has improved information governance capability with a focus on security, retention and metadata management. SharePoint covers 80% of all requirements for records management that most organisations need. Market specific requirements and internationally recognised standards such as ISO15489, MoReq and TNA require SharePoint functionality to be extended to cover the remaining 20% to meet records management and information governance best practices.

Adoption of SharePoint as an information governance and records management solution

A cost effective, simple and user friendly solution is required to enable organisations to adopt SharePoint as an information governance and records management solution removing the requirement to integrate with a stand-alone 3rd party records repository.

AI.COMPLIANCE EXTENDER extends and leverages the capability of SharePoint to meet regulatory control and support best practice records management and information governance.

The solution is deployed quickly and easily as a set of feature extensions that do not overlap with SharePoint features and integrates with SharePoint to offer a seamless user experience.

Making SharePoint
meet your
compliance needs

Key features include:

  • Managed classification schema that extends the Records Management capability available in SharePoint and allows the creation and management of controlled taxonomies
  • Protective/supplemental markings allow the application of an additional/alternative layer of security to the SharePoint security model, enabling access to protectively marked content to be restricted to validated users
  • Metadata values can be inherited and cascaded throughout SharePoint sites improving efficiency of information management
  • Site Management Extensions enables additional functionality to Site Templates, allowing organisations to manage their SharePoint deployment better and allowing propagation of template changes to live instances of that Site Template
  • Content can be securely imported and exported to/from SharePoint site and library structures
*All features are privilege controlled to ensure only authorised users can carry out the actions

can be provisioned with SharePoint on premise or via a cloud platform to provide a complete information management solution.


The application services are hosted on-premise, either within a customer or outsource estate. AI.COMPLIANCE EXTENDER is deployed as a set of features across the SharePoint infrastructure.


Data can be hosted in a cloud accessible location in which the entire collection and management capability is hosted external to the customer estate. This means there is no impact on existing infrastructure and significantly reduces the infrastructure and management costs. This pre-configured service enables fast deployment and provisioning. AI.COMPLIANCE EXTENDER is a supplier on the UK government G-Cloud initiative and can be delivered on both GSI and public hosting platforms.

Combining AI.COMPLIANCE EXTENDER with the Records Center within SharePoint, organisations can implement a simple, low cost, single point information governance and records management solution.

The underlying capability of SharePoint is unaffected and users gain the advantage of a single managed and seamlessly integrated source for all corporate content, with little need for additional training.

Benefits include
  • Ensures that record practices are compliant with Standards such as ISO15489, MoReq and TNA
  • Delivers a net reduction in operating costs with a reduced cost of hardware
  • Encourages user adoption of SharePoint
  • Enables migration to a single SharePoint enterprise
  • Allows legacy content/record management systems to be decommissioned, simplifying the underlying infrastructure

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