AI.DATALIFT is the world’s fastest and most scalable, intelligent, unstructured data analysis, remediation and migration platform.

AI.DATALIFT is an intelligent cloud based platform that simplifies and automates the identification of key insights from unstructured data. Machine learning and hyper-scale cloud processing combine to deliver unique data management and significant cost reduction in accelerated timescales. This clarity and automating enables the remediation, migrate and archival of unstructured data at scale to reduce cost, reduce risk and increase information governance.

80%of unstructured data is either redundant, duplicated or trivial.

Organisations can greatly improve their data management capability by migrating, archiving and even deleting the terabytes (and even petabytes) of data held in expensive on-premises infrastructure.

AI.DATALIFT can analyse what data is being stored and intelligently migrate it to the appropriate cloud-based ECM and cloud storage platforms.

This Cloud-based data profiling solution helps your organisation gain insight, remediate and migrate your unstructured data at scale to reduce cost, reduce risk and increase information governance. Furthermore AI.DATALIFT provides an opportunity to help organisations reduce the security risk of data through advanced cloud based security and data isolation that it provides.

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  • Uncover the most valuable information across your enterprise in real-time
  • Gain actionable, cost-saving insights, fast
  • Relevant and highly accurate information available at the point of need
  • Benefit from intelligent self-learning analysis of your content
  • Automatically classify data against your Information Governance strategy
  • Gain intelligent and automated subject based GDPR compliance