Cleanse, categorise, manage and migrate content automatically to any location including enterprise content platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint.

AI.DATAPOINT automates and manages the process of cleansing, categorising and migrating data from current information repositories to a new single consolidated environment – either on premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of both. Using this method can provide a typical cost saving of up to 58%.

The three steps to improve the information service of an organisation with Automated Intelligence

Data Management needs to be simple and cost effective

Data volumes are increasing exponentially, resulting in data management being costly and complex. Organisations typically retain more than double the information that is current, relevant or useful which means it generally costs an enterprise twice as much as it should to store corporate information. To simplify data management and reduce costs, organisations need to migrate relevant and corporately required data to a single consolidated and cleansed environment.

Automatic data migration

Existing data will need cleansed and categorised. The structure, policy, metadata and security permissions need to be managed as part of the migration process. Organisations require migration tools to fully manage the process of migration in an accurate, timely and audited manner.

AI.DATAPOINT uses the latest innovation in categorisation technology to enable an organisation to accurately cleanse, reorganise, consolidate and simplify their data holdings in the migration process against corporate policies.

AI.DATAPOINT can migrate content and metadata from existing content management structures maintaining document context information. It does this using a comprehensive rules based approach to allow mappings and data transformations between source and destination to maintain business continuity following the data migration.

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Key features include:

  • Automatic validation, de-duplication, categorisation and migration of data from over 40 current and legacy data systems to the corporate data management solution
  • Identification of duplicate, near duplicate, redundant, obsolete and irrelevant data by examining file content and metadata
  • Interpretation of content by indexing and using semantic and linguistic reasoning
  • Data is categorised by security, retention and access requirements against the information policy of the organisaton
  • Dependent on security required and costs, data is segmented and stored in the most appropriate location, whether that is cloud or on premise
  • Management and application of policy to the combined data whether in single or multiple locations
  • Automatic population of document libraries with existing relevant documents based on content and contextual analysis
  • Automatically migrating, tagging and securing information assets in the new consolidated environment using a variety of techniques such as:
    • Keyword Identification
    • Sensitive Data Identification
    • Content Categorisation
    • A combination of above

AI.DATAPOINT removes data duplication and redundancy, organisations are able to cleanse legacy data stores.

Uniquely, AI.DATAPOINT does this without impacting the end user, providing operational benefit without organisational burden.

reduction in the cost of managing
and storing large data volumes
Benefits include
  • Reduces the cost of managing and storing large data volumes by up to 58%
  • Delivers a net reduction in operating costs
  • Accelerates migration to a single collaborative environment
  • Enables legacy content management systems to be de-commissioned, simplifying the information architecture
  • Re-organising existing data can result in:
    • enhanced user experience
    • consolidated data holdings
    • improved data relevancy
    • the application of governance requirements
    • improved knowledge based productivity
    • reduced corporate risk

Automated Intelligence supported the Department for Education through a rapid change programme ensuring retention and availability of its organisational knowledge.

Summarising the success of the overall data migration project, Phil Lomax, Data Migration Manager, Strategy & Architecture Group said:

“The Automated Intelligence tools were used by the Department for Education to migrate data and email from six organisations with disparate systems into SharePoint and Exchange - some 1,200 users, 5 million emails, and 4 million documents. Once configured the performance of the tools was flawless. The AI.Analytics tool was used to validate the quality of the data before migration. The AI.Datapoint tool was used to transfer data incrementally. Not a single item was lost in the migration.”

“We knew we could rely on the support of AI’s expertise since their consultants constantly monitored the process remotely to ensure the integrity of the data transfer.” Traditional bespoke or manual processes would have failed to deliver this migration on time but due to the flexibility and speed of AI.DataPoint we were able to complete the work within the timescales and allocated budget.”

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