Simplify and automate archival, retrieval and retention of data on secure cost effective on-premise, cloud or hybrid platforms.

AI.FILEMANAGER is a secure archive solution which allows organisations to easily archive non-core data into a managed environment either on premise, in the cloud or a hybrid approach. AI.FILEMANAGER provides efficient and cost effective management of data against record or regulatory policy with full quarantine, retention and disposition management.

The three steps to improve the information service of an organisation with Automated Intelligence

Storing infrequently accessed data needs to be efficient and cost effective

Most organisations have legacy data stores that are maintained in house. The data in these stores is infrequently accessed but for business reasons it is not appropriate to delete this data. In addition many customers have current data stores that are congested with data that is never accessed.

Cost effective and automatic archival, retrieval and retention of data through to destruction

Storing this type of data in house is expensive and uses up vital resources that could be deployed more effectively elsewhere. Organisations require a cost effective, secure and intelligent archive system to enable the management of data through the remainder of its lifecycle, ultimately through to destruction.

AI.FILEMANAGER is a secure archive service which allows organisations to safely take this data into a highly secured environment either on premise, in the cloud or through a hybrid approach.

Key features include:

Media and location independent
  • Data can be archived on an ongoing basis from and to multiple storage and location options including a combination of on-premise, outsourced or existing cloud repositories
  • Supports connectors to over 40 content repositories
  • Flexible rules based approach based on customer specification to determine what data to archive
  • Once data has met the criteria for archival, the file is relocated to archive and optionally leaves a smart link to the file in its original location ensuring continuity of access for the user
content repositories supported
Fully Managed Retention Service
  • Use of a policy rule set to determine the data which is eligible for archive, metadata age and location are some of the criteria that can be used as triggers
  • Allows retention and lifecycle policies to be applied to the archived data
  • A quarantine management capability allows files to be held for a period before the final disposition action
  • Organisations can review the information before files are destroyed or permanently retained, reducing the risk of important information being lost
  • The ability to suspend the normal disposition or processing of records if a legal hold is issued as a result of current or anticipated litigation
  • All activity is audited and reported
  • A fully featured dashboard allowing policy definition, lifecycle policy enforcement, full auditing and reporting of data within the archive and any activity on it
A combination of key technologies ensures high level of security is continuously maintained
  • Data remains encrypted for the duration of its lifecycle policy
  • All communication and transfer is performed over encrypted channels with error checking and anti-tamper/corruption techniques applied
  • Retrieval policies ensure that only authenticated owners can access and retrieve data
  • All content and metadata is AES-256 encrypted prior to leaving the customers environment

can be provisioned as an on premise or cloud platform to provide a secure archive service. It is also possible to use AI.FILEMANAGER in a hybrid scenario where current or sensitive data can be managed on premise and the remaining data archived.


The application services are hosted on-premise, either within a customer or outsource estate. The customer provides a virtual or physical server and networking infrastructure. Connections to the source data repositories are provided to enable AI.FILEMANAGER to be deployed within the customer environment to manage the archive process.


Data can be hosted in a cloud accessible location in which the entire collection and management capability is hosted external to the customer estate. This means there is no impact on existing infrastructure and significantly reduces the infrastructure and management costs. This pre-configured service enables fast deployment and provisioning.


and secure public cloud options available

AI.FILEMANAGER offers an efficient secure solution to archive data management over the remainder of its life cycle. The content being managed can be disposed against policy over time and ensures that archiving remains cost effective.

Benefits include
  • Reduce non-core data holdings
  • Reduce overheads
  • Cloud option reduces infrastructure
  • Reduce costs
  • Data can be managed against record or regulatory policy

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