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Increase user productivity and flexibility through the seamless integration between Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.

AI.SYNCPOINT seamlessly integrates Outlook and SharePoint. Users can drag and drop their emails into SharePoint and access their SharePoint libraries and content through Outlook providing a familiar interface to access, adopt and effectively use the organisation's SharePoint environment.

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Integration of Outlook and SharePoint

Organisations moving to or currently using SharePoint may have a requirement to manage important project and corporate emails alongside related documents and content. Organisations also need to provide users with options to drive adoption of SharePoint environment to drive collaboration and productivity. The process enabling this flow of information from Outlook to SharePoint needs to be automated and simplified in order to achieve this.

AI.SYNCPOINT seamlessly integrates Outlook and SharePoint. Through an asynchronous model it allows users to quickly access their SharePoint libraries and content through Outlook.

Compatible with SharePoint
and Outlook
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Key features include:

  • Users can drag and drop emails into SharePoint document and record libraries which appear and function as regular Outlook folders
  • Compatible with SharePoint and Outlook
  • All email metadata including email headers are captured in SharePoint and can be associated with the mail in document libraries, as records directly into a record centre or routed automatically by SharePoint through drop-off libraries
  • Full offline capability allowing users to add, view and update content when offline
  • Emails and documents live seamlessly side by side and can be easily transferred and managed within SharePoint against the corporate information policy
  • SharePoint sites and libraries the organisation wants users to collaborate on, can be automatically pushed out to users. This simplifies the use of SharePoint for users and allows the organisation to determine the folders a user can interact with
  • Send and file feature allows users to capture important emails in SharePoint, either in a favourite location or any SharePoint location
  • Emails can be permanently retained against projects and corporate retention policies can be applied across the site structure
  • The application is hosted on-premise, either within a customer or outsource estate

Combining AI.SYNCPOINT provides a cost effective extension connecting SharePoint with Outlook. Organisations with older or mixed generation platforms can simply and effectively connect their SharePoint and email environments, supporting management of emails between SharePoint and Outlook.

Benefits include
  • Enhanced user experience for document management and retrieval
  • Supports offline working and synchronisation
  • Easy to use and deploy
  • Increases familiarity, productivity and adoption
  • Simplifies the use of SharePoint and reduces change management training

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