5 Ways to Ensure User Adoption of Office 365

January 8th, 2018   

user adoption of Office 365

The way companies work has changed. Flexible working, empowered by the rise of Cloud technology like Office 365 means your employees are no longer confined to a desktop PC in the Office. Everyone can edit spreadsheets on their mobile phones, join a conference call on their tablet, or co-work on a tender from the airport lounge. And, as Microsoft continues to release new features, the possibilities are endless.

But with all these new options comes some resistance. Early adopters might be excited about all the new features on offer but how can you ensure user adoption of Office 365 is a success? How can you increase workers’ productivity using new tools? After all, it’s important to make sure that any new technology investment or tool will add value to the overall business goals.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways to ensure user adoption of Office 365

Get everyone on-board:

It’s easy to forget that not everybody in an office is working with the same level of understanding when it comes to technology. Take time to make everyone aware of what Office 365 is and how it can help people work smarter and more efficiently. Offer some staff training, or at least point people in the direction of useful videos online. If people understand how technology can help them, they are more inclined to use it.

So, if you really want to ensure user adoption of Office 365, then promoting it is crucial. When rolling out new software and updates, plan for all eventualities and remember to keep the team involved and informed. After all, if your system fails to deliver for your team, then your team will, in turn, fail to deliver for you.

Make the transition smooth:

Did you know that 75% of new software implementations fail? One of the main causes for this is down to “implementation drama”. This is when functionality and resource issues pop up, making it difficult for staff to adopt new systems or processes.

Happy employees are 12% more productive, and make better collaborators than those who aren’t. You can reduce implementation drama by making the move to Office 365 as easy as possible for your users. AI.SYNCPOINT+ includes an add-in for Outlook to help you manage content stored in SharePoint, without ever leaving Outlook. This limits the amount of change your users experience and allows people to continue working in familiar environments.

Make it easy to find important information:

Over a third of workers (34%) say they use email for searching. That’s a lot of wasted time. Especially when one of the key selling points of Office 365 is that it cuts back on information silos and creates a unified hub for all business applications.

There are a few ways to stop people over-relying on their email as a search tool. But one of the most important is to ensure that SharePoint is kept up to date. Make it a company policy that all documents must be saved in the system.

If everyone knows that the information is likely to be in SharePoint, it will become natural to use it. It will also make is easier to use the online Office 365 functionality, cut down on duplicate files and ensure that everyone is using the most up-to-date documents and templates.

Automate trivial tasks:

Automation can deliver substantial time savings for teams and organisations. For example, if you were to shave 10 seconds off a one-minute job, you’ll have made a 16.6% saving. With AI.SYNCPOINT+ you can drag and drop email attachments directly into SharePoint Online, and automatically capture and apply metadata. Compliance in SharePoint Online can be achieved easily, with data accurately classified through automated metadata management.

Take a holistic approach:

Office 365 was designed to be used holistically. So it works best when you use all its apps in conjunction with one another. The importance of making SharePoint your one stop location for all company documents has already been stressed.

But to take this point further, start using shareable links instead of attachments, collaborate online when working on big documents like tenders or start using planner for your team to-do lists. If you fully immerse your team you’ll find that user adoption of Office 365 increases. Soon you will start to wonder how you ever worked without it.

Ultimately one of the best ways to ensure user adoption of Office 365 is to take time to find the features and applications that work best for your company. People work best when they know that changes that have been implemented have a useful purpose.

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