Five reasons you should attend our digital transformation event

September 7th, 2016    ,

5 reasons to attend "Art of the Possible: Digital Transformation in a changing UK"

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog on digital transformation and how it was going to drive “everything that matters in IT” over the next several years.

The article was, indeed, very timely as here at Automated Intelligence, we have launched our 2016 showcase event in conjunction with Microsoft UK.

The event, which will take place on 20 September 2016 is entitled “Art of the Possible: Digital Transformation in a changing UK.”

At Microsoft’s new HQ in Paddington, London, we aim to demonstrate to attendees that an organisation really can be digitally transformed in a day! (And, of course, show you the tools that allow you to do it.)

With Microsoft’s new UK data centres, the uncertainties and possibilities of a post-Brexit UK, and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in 2018, we will explore what digital transformation will mean for a UK which is going through many changes.

So, why should you sign up for this much talked-about event?

  • Cloud is the future: It’s not a question of if, but when. Most organisations will all be moving to the Cloud at some point in the future (if not the near future) so come along and learn about the possibilities, the benefits and understand how to get there.
  • Industry leaders: How often do you get to hear from the likes of the National Technology Officer at Microsoft UK, Michael Wignall, or New Zealand-based productivity and Office365 expert author Michael Sampson? With seven informative sessions taking place over the course of the day, organisations from the UK’s private and public sectors alike will get the opportunity to listen to some of the industry’s top thought leaders about the changing digital landscape.
  • Been there, done that:  As well as industry leaders, our agenda includes customers who have already taken advantage of the Cloud opportunity and gone on their transformation journeys. Hear from the likes of the Paul Donnelly, Head of Corporate Digital Services at NHS Education for Scotland, on how they moved from siloes of data – to a productive Cloud of information.
  • Millions migrated: With a title like “Art of the Possible” of course we want to astound you with what seems, well, impossible. Throughout the day we aim to analyse and migrate over 50 million documents to the Cloud to show you just how quick and effortless the process of cleansing, categorising and migrating data is with AI. We’ll check progress throughout the day to see how we are progressing!
  • Best things in life are free: And last, but not least, the event is free! Attendees can come along to this day-long, action-packed event filled with speaker sessions, debates and panel discussions and it doesn’t cost a penny to register.

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*Please Note: Places are limited and are reserved primarily for UK government and commercial sector organisations. Applications to attend are at the entire discretion of Automated Intelligence