Automated Intelligence in the Spotlight

August 22nd, 2013   

TV Cameras for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards captures Automated Intelligence (AI) and some highlights that have attributed to the company’s success.

Led by Co-Founders Mark Godfrey (CEO) and Simon Cole (CTO), AI is a fast growing software company not only in terms of revenue, but by customers and employees alike.  This growth is attributed to three basic principles: Innovation, Quality and Care. The footage encapsulates this vision, and a short synopsis will be aired as part of a wider programme in October, full details available shortly.

Automated Intelligence in the Spotlight

Mark Godfrey, CEO and Simon Cole, CTO being interviewed for TV Programme


Innovation is key to Automated Intelligence’s success; the company has led customer and market thinking.  AI has tackled information problems head on in the most pioneering and user friendly fashion.

The cameras had an exclusive preview demo of AI’s new product AI.ASSURE, which has been designed for Financial Services organisations to meet the complex regulatory and corporate policy demands that result from multiple divisions operating across diverse political and geographic boundaries. It is a unique solution that enables financial institutions to meet business requirements around Governance, Risk and Compliance mandates in the most cost-effective way. 

Automated Intelligence in the Spotlight


The entire AI team is focussed on delivering quality products and services that exceed customer and industry expectations. The film crew got a real-life insight into the agile development process that AI’s team use to ensure the highest quality of product is delivered to the customer. 


Customer and employee care is integral to the management and growth of AI and is embedded into the company culture. In addition to happy customers, AI has developed a strong, committed and motivated workforce with a focus on  aligning goals, reviewing performance and having a little bit of fun.

Automated Intelligence in the Spotlight

The AI team enjoying one of their quarterly social activities, BMX coaching at local urban sports facility T13

AI offers a number of formal and informal updates, daily breakfasts, team lunches every Friday, quarterly company briefings and team building events.  One of these events include the recent family fun day where employees, partners’ and their children (over 60 in number) got together for a great day out.  The film crew experienced first-hand the types of activities with a BMX coaching session at T13.

These activities ensure that employees efforts are recognised and that they are fully engaged in the companies present and future plans.  

CEO, Mark Godfrey comments

“AI is a growing company built on firm foundations. We experienced 100 % growth last year and we are aiming for the same again this year. AI.ASSURE will double our revenues and we anticipate being 150 people and £25m turnover within the next three years.  Innovation, Quality and Care! If we can have a bit of fun along the way….all the better!”