Automated Intelligence inspires school children at university open days

October 22nd, 2013   

Software company, Automated Intelligence (AI) participates in Bring IT On programme which encourages young people to pursue a career in IT by offering insight into working life in a software company like AI.

HR Manager Denise Woods and QA Engineer Naomi Nash from Automated Intelligence

HR Manager Denise Woods and QA Engineer Naomi Nash from Automated Intelligence

Bring IT On is an IT careers attractiveness programme designed by e-skills UK, a not-for-profit, employer-led organisation licensed by government as the Sector Skills Council for Business and Information Technology.

The University Open days saw over 8,000 Northern Irish school children attend fairs in Queens University and the University of Ulster Campuses in Coleraine, Magee and Jordanstown.

Students interests were sparked by stories of how AI staff are encouraged to innovate; with days set aside for the development and demonstration of new innovative ideas over pizza or by seeking inspiration by talking to their ducks.

Bring IT on announcement Photo

As part of the event, almost 100 GCSE and ‘A’ Level students were surveyed to gain an insight into their career plans with a view to enabling AI to tailor entry-level recruitment strategy to meet the needs of school leavers in Northern Ireland.

Mark Godfrey, CEO from Automated Intelligence “We are delighted to be involved in such a great programme. It is important for organisations such as AI to promote IT as a career from an early age to ensure that there are enough skills out there to enable sustainable growth for the IT industry as a whole. At a time where employment figures are low, there continues to be multiple opportunities in Northern Ireland and beyond for young people embarking on a new career in IT.

From our research, students have a keen interest in technology but do not necessarily understand the roles and opportunities out there.  It is not just skills in software development, we need people in sales, quality, services and non-technical roles. Events like this are a great way to get in front of students to influence their career choices with real-life experiences from people that already successfully work in the industry. We are currently developing our entry-level recruitment strategy to support our future growth plans”

Carol Govett, Project Manager, e-skills UK “With a full programme of live events, Bring IT On NI aims to get 14-19 year olds excited about IT careers by showing them how technology impacts their daily lives. It is fantastic to have such an inspirational, vibrant and fast-growing company involved in the programme.  Students have been able to speak face to face with their employees gaining invaluable insight into the rewarding career opportunities available in companies such as AI. We have had fantastic feedback from students and we look forward to working with AI in the future with continued support in all different aspects of the programme”