Automated Intelligence supports National ICT Day

March 21st, 2014   

Automated Intelligence supports a national event to encourage more 16-18 year olds to study technology related courses, delivered by e-skills UK in conjunction with Momentum, InvestNI, Sentinus, and the Department for Employment and Learning.

Approximately 600 secondary school students attended the National ICT Day, held at the Titanic Belfast, to learn about the exciting career opportunities offered by Northern Ireland’s technology sector. The event is part of the highly successful Bring IT On programme, which focuses on giving young people an insight into NI’s fast growing and dynamic IT industry.

Automated Intelligence supports National ICT Day

Denise Woods, HR Manager for Automated Intelligence, lead an Employability Workshop at the National ICT Day and commented on the event: “Bring IT ON’s National ICT Days have an outstanding reputation for offering young people an exciting and informative introduction to tech careers. As a growing IT company, it is important to be fully involved in promoting IT as a career from an early age to ensure that there are enough skills out there to enable sustainable growth for the IT industry as a whole. Events like this are a great way to get in front of students to influence their career choices with real-life experiences from people that already successfully work in the industry.”

Students participated in interactive sessions led by Stephen Howell who is the Academic Engagement Manager at Microsoft and the creator of Kinect2Scratch. Stephen will show the students how to write programs with motion control, use gestures, and how to make kinetic games.

The Employers Zone offered students the chance to meet IT professionals from companies including Automated Intelligence, Allstate, Citi, and Fujitsu, while learning about graduate programmes, apprenticeships, and potential career pathways.  At the Employability Session, employers will help students to hone their CVs, prepare for job and placement interviews, and learn about the skills and qualities that business leaders are looking for in new recruits.

Bring IT On aims to get 14-19 year olds excited about IT careers by showcasing the inspiring ways that technology impacts their daily lives. The goal is to encourage young people to consider technology-related degrees and careers, and to reduce the gender imbalance across the sector.

Carol Govett, Project Manager for e-skills UK said:  “For many young people, the event provides an inspirational first step into one of the fastest-growing industries in Northern Ireland’s economy. This is particularly important if we are to readdress gender disparity and maximise the sector’s potential as an inclusive and dynamic place to work.”