Automated Intelligence Takes Big Step in Big Data with the University of Notre Dame

November 13th, 2014   

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Automated Intelligence (AI) is set to take “Big Data” to the next level as they team up with one of the leading research universities in the United States, the University of Notre Dame (“Notre Dame”). The partnership between AI and the University aims to deliver an extensive research program into data processing and management.

AI develops software solutions that help organisations solve their big data problems, as well as enhancing the governance controls they can apply to their data. As the next phase of their product development, the company has partnered with Notre Dame’s ESTEEM (Engineering, Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship Excellence Master’s) Graduate Program.

ESTEEM is an 11-month Entrepreneurship Master’s program targeted at the commercial application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The Program brings together top graduate students from all over the world, each having studied in one of the STEM disciplines at the undergraduate level. These students collaborate with Notre dame’s world-renowned research faculty.

AI’s specific project aims to discover new ways to efficiently analyse and manage extremely large quantities of unstructured data. University College of Cork engineering graduate, Alison O’Shea has been specially selected to lead the research project with Notre Dame’s ESTEEM Program team.

Simon Cole, CTO at Automated Intelligence spoke of the research project,

“The research being carried out as part of the ESTEEM Program is going to be vital to AI taking the next steps in Big Data analysis. Automated Intelligence have successfully helped organisations across the UK and Europe to understand the data that they hold and improve the management of their information. Data volumes continue to grow exponentially and this research will allow AI to scale our market leading unstructured data analytics portfolio.  This will enable customers with billions of documents to manage their data more effectively, to generate massive cost savings whilst improving data quality.  We are very excited to be working with the University, as we pioneer new techniques and successfully deliver value to our customers in existing and new markets.”

David Murphy, Associate Dean of Entrepreneurship for the Colleges of Science and Engineering; Director of the ESTEEM Graduate Program at the University of Notre Dame

“We are delighted that Automated Intelligence is championing our entrepreneurship master’s program, which is now in its sixth year.  This year we have enrolled a large number of overseas students with 8 of the 34 Master’s hopefuls from Universities based in Ireland.  The ESTEEM Program and the entire university community is excited to be able to work closely with AI to deliver an exceptional academic experience for one of our graduate students as well as helping to validate and accelerate the commercialization of research “

A Microsoft Gold Partner, AI has grown significantly since forming in 2010 and now employs over 50 people across the UK. AI will use the research in new product development, facilitating their venture into the US Financial Sector.