Automated Intelligence provide products and services to Cancer Focus NI

March 5th, 2014   

Cancer Focus Northern Ireland saves 81% of data storage costs and staff benefit from enhanced collaboration by migrating to SharePoint 2013 Office 365

Cancer Focus Northern Ireland (CFNI), invested in a new cloud-enabled service based on Microsoft Office 365 suite. This is a subscription-based solution which offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft Office platform including SharePoint 2013.  CFNI planned to adopt SharePoint 2013 to manage and store documents, improving the collaboration capability across the organisation. Equiniti ICS partnered with Automated Intelligence for a cost-effective and efficient solution to cleanse and migrate content within CFNI File Share environment to SharePoint 2013 Office 365.

Automated Intelligence provide products and services to Cancer Focus NI

Roisin Foster, Chief Executive of Cancer Focus, stated,
“We exist to raise funds to help those suffering from cancer and those working towards finding a cure. Having the right technology is key to allowing our staff to spend as much time as they can focusing on fundraising and minimising time spent on grappling with ageing IT systems. We’re reaping the benefits of the work that has been done – our staff have much more flexibility with when and where they work, and we have peace of mind that all of our documents are properly protected and managed.

During the process, we had great support from Equiniti ICS and their partners, Automated Intelligence, whose detailed analysis of our storage system and files contained within helped us to estimate the amount of duplicate and redundant information that was held on our system, and in addition, advising us of our current and future data growth trends and the storage savings that might be realised if data growth was controlled”

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