European SharePoint Conference Review

February 7th, 2013   

By Simon Cole, CTO, Automated Intelligence

I am heading back to the UK after attending the European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen and it has been insightful to see how Europe is reacting to SharePoint 2013.

The conference has given people a good view of the opportunities and advantages that SharePoint 2013 brings, from a Social, Cloud and usability perspective.

European SharePoint Conference

As would be expected at a conference like this a lot of people have already made the decision that SharePoint is part of their strategic direction. From speaking with attendees the big focus that people have is how they can increase adoption of SharePoint and expand the reach of SharePoint.

With this in mind we’ve had a lot of interest in our AI.DATAPOINT solution for intelligent migration of data from File Shares and Enterprise Content Management platforms, our AI.SYNCPOINT and AI.MOBILE platforms to allow Microsoft Outlook and mobile users to interact with SharePoint in their chosen environment. It almost goes without saying that our AI.COMPLIANCE EXTENDER solution to enhance SharePoint from an information and records governance perspective is high on peoples agenda’s as they look forward to effectively managing information in SharePoint 2013.

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