Five reasons to attend the Automated Intelligence session at IRMS Conference 2016

May 13th, 2016    ,

5 reasons to attend AI session at IRMS Conference 2016

This Sunday the team from Automated Intelligence will be heading to Brighton for the annual IRMS Conference 2016.

As part of the three day event, AI’s CTO, Simon Cole, will be presenting a session entitled ‘How to become an Information Superhero with SharePoint and Azure.’

This session will take place on Tuesday 17th May at 1.30pm in the Edinburgh Room.

But why should YOU attend his super-charged session?

 1.) Cost Savings

Did you realise your organisation could be storing unnecessary data? Multiple versions of the same documents, earlier versions of the same report and files which haven’t been accessed for many, many years. Even Johnny’s holiday photos from 2007!

It’s what we like to call ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial files) and they’re costing your company money to store them.

Learn how you make savings of up to 70% by cleansing your data and getting ‘Rid of the ROT’.

2.) Increased productivity

You might have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of documents, so how do your employees find them? Do you currently have folders within folders within folders?

SharePoint serves as an information hub with enhanced search capabilities and collaboration tools to allow your employees to access and share critical documents quickly and efficiently.

Learn how you can easily find the information instead of having to find the time.

3.) Governance- tick!

A superhero wouldn’t be a superhero without a cape, right?

Well, SharePoint covers 80% of all compliance requirements for records management that most organisations need…. and we provide the 20% cape.

Learn how our solutions extend the functionality of SharePoint to meet records management and information governance best practices.

4.) Cloud Cocktail

There are many different places organisations can house their data – on premise, the public Cloud or the private Cloud.

Some companies choose to go for the ‘Cloud cocktail’ if you will- a flexible solution employing a mixture of the above.  It may well be that some files are so sensitive that they have to be kept on-site, while others can be migrated to the Cloud.

Learn how you can adopt cloud technology without increasing risk through an intelligent hybrid approach.

5.) Real Life Superheroes

And if all that wasn’t enough of an incentive, AI will have real life superheroes at its session!

Well, not quite, but it will be discussing the companies who have made the transition and how they are now benefiting greatly from AI solutions.

Doesn’t that sound SUPER?

Don’t forget to visit Simon Cole’s session on Tuesday 17th May at 1.30pm in the Edinburgh Room.