Future Decoded and Automated Intelligence: A reflection on the Cloud marketplace

November 26th, 2014    , ,

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Partners and Microsoft followers attended Microsoft’s Future Decoded conference on 10th – 12th November 2014 at Excel London. Among the many present were Automated Intelligence’s (AI’s) CEO Mark Godfrey, CTO Simon Cole, COO Fergus McIlduff and Partner Manager EMEA Nigel Cunningham.

The event exhibited how transformational technology is playing a pivotal role in evolving organisational thinking. Microsoft also showcased CEO Satya Nadella for the first time in the UK, outlining how they are creating the next generation of technology innovation. As a successful Microsoft Gold Partner, Mark Godfrey was asked to share his insight on the current marketplace:

In this video, Mark emphasises how the growth of business in the Cloud has exceeded everyone’s expectation! Not only are more organisations talking about Cloud, customers are transitioning to the Cloud at an accelerated rate.  He explains how Automated Intelligence are working with Microsoft to enable customers to deliver their Cloud strategy.

There is no secret in the findings from both Microsoft’s Future Decoded event and from AI’s CEO Mark Godfrey Cloud is here to stay, but why?

Cloud is driven from the top

Organisational leaders are driving Cloud as a solution as part of their business’s IT service. This will help them to reduce costs, improve productivity and to enable them to focus on their core business. Organisations are continuously being encouraged to move to the Cloud and we are often asked by our customers not only how to get there but what needs to be considered when they are there.  Before a customer will develop their strategy, key areas they will consider include Information Governance, Compliance, Control, Usability and Productivity.  The team at Automated Intelligence continue to work with customers helping them address these elements and enabling them to craft their information strategy within the cloud.

Cloud adoption doesn’t need to take an “all or nothing” approach

Most of AI’s customers have Cloud in their strategy, with many taking a “Cloud First” approach. More organisations are taking a hybrid approach to managing their IT applications and information in the cloud, in order to suit their specific and unique requirements.  A hybrid approach enables organisations to manage different levels of risk dependent on the application that goes to the cloud. The more successful Cloud adopters will move low risk/ low complexity IT functions to the Cloud as an initial first step, such as backup, archived information, productivity tools and email. By starting with the lower risk functions this allows organisations to grasp and form their strategy in real time and evolve so that the more complex applications such as bespoke Finance and HR can be transitioned successfully.

Microsoft is a leader in Cloud

The growth in Microsoft’s Cloud business is a testament on how they are doing in the market. We are working with a growing number of organisations turning to Microsoft in order to displace traditional content management platforms. These organisations are using a mix of different Microsoft platforms such as:

  • SharePoint on-Premise
  • SharePoint Online
  • Outlook
  • Office 365
  • Azure

Automated Intelligence are successfully working with Microsoft encouraging deployment, adoption and consumption to help their customers enhance the information service they deliver.

With the right guidance, organisations can create a successful cloud strategy to suit all of their information needs.

To find out how Automated Intelligence can help you craft your Information strategy in the Cloud get in touch via info@automated-intelligence.com.

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