Managing information for the changing Public Sector in Northern Ireland: What we discovered…

October 8th, 2015    ,

Automated Intelligence (AI) and Microsoft held an interactive workshop, Managing Information for the changing Public Sector in Northern Ireland, at The MAC Theatre in Belfast on 30 September 2015.

Over 60 business leaders and IT professionals from the Northern Irish Public Sector attended the workshop to explore SharePoint & Cloud.

SharePoint Cloud Belfast Northern Ireland Event

Through roundtable discussion & interactive sessions, we found some of the following to be the most common themes within the organisations in attendance:

  • Productivity and service delivery are the main drivers that are influencing their information and IT strategy
  • Key priorities for the organisations information and IT strategy are user adoption, efficiency & productivity of information systems
  • Lack of resources and budget are the main barriers for the organisations in delivering their priorities and key focus areas

The word cloud below represents the most used words and phrases as part of the interactive roundtable discussion

Word Cloud

Watch the short video below to see highlights from the workshop!

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