One information plan for many masters: What matters most to UK Central Government?

October 27th, 2015    ,

On 14th October 2015, Automated Intelligence (AI) and Microsoft held a workshop for UK Central Government departments and agencies to gain insight into what the future holds for technology within Government.

The agenda was packed with speakers representing The Home Office, the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Microsoft, AI as well as independent government advisor, Bill McCluggage.  The varied range of speakers tackled different aspects of how to deliver effective information management, using SharePoint and Cloud platforms.

One information plan for many masters

With over 70 people from 40 Government departments and agencies in attendance, we also took the opportunity to understand more about their vision for their ICT and Cloud Strategies.

We asked, “What are the key drivers for your ICT vision?” to help us understand the key themes within the organisations in attendance.

The top driver with over 60% response rate was, “Managing the growth of information”, and over 50% said ‘Better collaboration’ and ‘Improved information governance’.

What are the key drivers for your ICT vision?

The feedback received by those who attended the event was very positive, the event enabled them to understand how other government departments have practically benefited from an inclusive strategy using SharePoint and cloud platforms. Attendee’s also enjoyed the networking opportunity and the chance to share knowledge with their peers.

Some key feedback comments received:

“Great demo of AI products, a user-focused approach & insight to the inevitability of Cloud in the future”

“SharePoint can be enhanced for records management & can be easily integrated with Outlook. Cloud storage is secure but accessible”

“I have a better understanding of how AI work, i.e.: AI.SYNCPOINT is built for the way users work today, not just new ways of working, we also see the vision and benefits realisation- Thank you!”

“AI’s offering is a very concise toolset and with AI’s integration becomes a pretty extensive EDRM system offering very rich functionality”

“The opportunity to exploit proven capabilities to transform information handling to improve user capabilities and experience”

Watch the video below to see the key themes from the day:

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