Raising the bar with Office 365: Usability, Productivity & Control

November 7th, 2014    ,



How do we leverage the cloud whilst ensuring a compliant, productive environment?  How can we enable our users to work seamlessly and productively whilst ensuring we meet our legal and policy obligations?  Ultimately, how do we bridge the gap between the user and the cloud?

These three questions are on the minds of everyone responsible for information management within organisations that are looking to leverage the functionality of their SharePoint Online. It is important to the organisation that this makes a notable return of investment, whilst ensuring a governed, compliant strategy.

Automated Intelligence are hosting the second in their series of cloud webinars to address these issues. “Raising the bar with Office 365: Usability, Productivity & Control” points out how to manage users, their productivity and ensure their information complies with policy in SharePoint Online in Office 365. This session will be hosted by SharePoint Specialist Matt Maunder who will showcase the wider possibilities of SharePoint Online. Further to this, he will answer viewer questions on the matter to show how organisations can overcome the objections on adopting a cloud platform as well as how organisations can leverage the benefits of a cloud based platform whilst still meeting their legal obligations.

Webinar: Raising the bar with Office 365: Usability, Productivity & Control 

Date: Thursday 27th November


Host: Matt Maunder, AI SharePoint Specialist


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