Six out of 10 UK organisations have no plans in place to prepare for GDPR

March 13th, 2017   

Prepare for GDPR

A recent survey, commissioned by GDPR Conference Europe, has revealed that 62% of UK organisations surveyed have no plans in place to prepare for GDPR. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May 2018, giving organisations 13 months to prepare.

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Check out how organisations responded to the survey:

  • One third of organisations have little knowledge of GDPR, or what they need to do to get ready
  • 93% believe GDPR will be applicable to their organisation
  • 63% of organisations collect and process personal data on European citizens

Prepare for GDPR

With GDPR set to replace the current UK Data Protection Act on 25th May 2018, organisations should begin preparations now. Organisations that fall short of the GDPR standards risk non-compliance and face the potential massive fines that come with this.

To fully achieve compliance when GDPR comes in to force, organisations must need to be able to provide evidence that they have trained their employees on the principles of personal data processing under the GDPR.  With individual employees now at risk of non-compliance as well as the organisation, it’s in everyone’s best interest to understand the Regulation fully before it goes live. Despite this, just over 30% of organisations are currently updating their data protection policy. A further 30% are unaware of a data protection policy within their organisation.

There is still time to begin preparing for the launch of GDPR. While the workload to get GDPR ready is likely to be significant, Automated Intelligence can help lighten the load before May 2018 comes around.

Automated Intelligence can provide:

  • A GDPR readiness assessment
  • Governance Plans and implementation support
  • GDPR Template Pack ensuring all activity is consistent and managed
  • GDPR data insights and case management process mappings

The first step to getting ready for GDPR is as simple as filling in a form. Click here to get started.