Technology strategists for UK Public Sector engage in a Cloud workshop with Automated Intelligence and Microsoft

October 21st, 2014    ,

Technology strategists for UK Public Sector engage in a Cloud workshop with Automated Intelligence and Microsoft

Information management and technology professionals from UK public sector joined Microsoft and Automated Intelligence in an interactive Cloud workshop. Titled ‘Be on “Cloud 9” with your Information Strategy’, the workshop discussed how to deliver a secure Cloud strategy whilst making significant cost savings.

The event took place on Wednesday 15th October, 2014 and resulted in a full house at the Polycom Executive Experience Centre in London. With representation from Local Government, Central Government, Education and Health, the group proactively engaged in a healthy discussion in how the public sector can adopt a Cloud first strategy. The attendees explored how their organisation could realise the cost benefit by taking simple steps to the Cloud. One such step included a fully managed archive solution that has the potential to reduce data storage costs by £56,000 per terabyte, over a 5 year period.

The attendees learned how Automated Intelligence could assist their organisation in meeting organisational obligations as well as promoting organisational efficiency. Automated Intelligence demonstrated how they are helping their customers to adopt Microsoft solutions such as SharePoint, Office 365, Windows Azure or a hybrid model, as part of their Cloud-based information strategy.

Keynote Speaker and Head of Business Development for the Cloud at Microsoft UK, Daniel Batts said: “Developing a Cloud strategy in the Public Sector requires assessing a number of key factors with security being paramount. It is important that organisations understand supplier credentials relating to cybersecurity, privacy, compliance and transparency when it comes to understanding how their data will be handled in the Cloud. It was great to be part of a collaborative session that was able to extract the key issues directly from some of our customers and share our knowledge on how users can accelerate the process of transitioning to the Cloud”.

CEO of Automated Intelligence, Mark Godfrey said: “We were delighted with the active participation from the attendees at this event. The feedback that we received was excellent and signified the growing importance of this topic in the UK public sector. With the introduction of the “Cloud First” policy by UK Government last year, organisational leaders are driving the adoption of cloud-based applications. This is primarily to reduce costs but as discussed in this session, other key drivers included the ability to increase productivity and user flexibility while enabling the organisation to focus on their core business. With the mounting rules and regulations around information security, risk and governance, this event helped the organisations who attended to understand how can they move from an on-premise to a cloud solution securely and simply”.

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