UK Government explore Information Governance and Records Management in SharePoint

February 6th, 2014   

Yesterday, UK Government Information Management Professionals joined Microsoft Public Sector UK and Automated Intelligence for an intimate workshop to discuss their Information Governance and Records Management Requirements.  This led with the question – Can SharePoint cut it?

Michael Wignall, Government Industry Manager for Microsoft introduced the session, with the key trends and priorities for Government within Microsoft.   This was followed by an interactive session hosted by Tony Ogilvie, one of the Enterprise Content Management experts from Automated Intelligence. The attendees were asked what they needed from an Electronic Document and Records Management solution and what they perceived to be the barriers in implementing SharePoint as their chosen platform.  Many of the organisations thought SharePoint is a good tool for collaboration and the fact that their users liked it as an interface.  However metadata management, managing information against retention policies, control, flexibility, compliance with TNA Public Records Act and physical record management were just some of the key areas they felt needed to be addressed.

Following the interactive session, Automated Intelligence demonstrated their approach in meeting these requirements.  The attendees at the event rated Managed Classifications, Email Management and Metadata Cascade and Inheritance as the key features that were most important to them.

Following a survey at the end of the session, the challenge that the organisations felt had the biggest impact for them, was providing an information governance solution that is cost-effective and user-friendly.   The survey also showed that attendees found the most compelling benefit of the Microsoft and AI solution was the fact it was a cost-effective solution with feature extensions that offered a seamless user experience.  This was coupled with the idea that the organisation could adopt one single platform as its information centre.

At the end of the session when everyone was asked, can SharePoint cut it for Information Governance and Records Management in UK Government the answer was yes!!!

There will be more of these type of events in different regional areas, please contact to register interest.