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Automated Intelligence work for companies and organisations across a range of public and private sectors.

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Financial Services and Enterprise Organisations

Highly regulated organisations can meet complex data regulation, risk and compliance requirements through our data remediation and information governance solutions. By automatically applying monitoring and controlling policy across the enterprise, our customers are able to manage their information and records with added security and asset protection. This is all without adding burden to the user.

We have provided data migration solutions for organisations such as:
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Central Government

Central government departments and agencies can address government directives of transformation, Cloud First and the digital agenda by understanding the information they hold and managing it in a way that will not only reduce costs but will meet the demands of users, citizens and regulatory bodies. We are working with 19 of the 24 UK government departments to help get to the Cloud and deliver a cost-effective information platform that government can trust to act as the backbone and foundation of the information service they need to provide.

Customers benefitting from our solutions include:
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Local and Regional Government

Local authorities can drive innovation, improvements and savings by modernising how they manage their information and records in a collaborative and compliant manner. We are working with local councils to help them deliver an information platform built for their users that also meets regulatory requirements regarding issues such as freedom of information and data protection.

Local authorities using our solutions include:
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Health organisations can deliver better frontline services by increasing the quality, accessibility and control of information whilst reducing the cost of managing data through our software and services.

We have enabled health organisations to deliver paper-light strategies, including:
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Charities can minimise the impact on their fundraising by continuing to reduce the cost of the operations they provide. We have worked with large charities to reduce the cost of managing information by understanding what they have, moving to a cloud-based platform, and delivering cost-effective information and records management solutions.

Charities that have benefited from using our software include:
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