24th May 2018

What we learned at IRMS 2018

At this year’s IRMS conference there were four main themes. Software improvements, blockchain, policy and process making, and the elephant in the room GDPR. Or “The G-word” as it was known throughout the conference.

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26th April 2018

Pen testing: AI.DATALIFT, secure by design.

The term hacker might have negative connotations, but ‘ethical hacking’ is on the rise. Pen testing, short for penetration testing, is the practice of testing out software, a system or applications to probe for any potential security vulnerabilities. In this post, our Chief Technology Officer, Simon Cole, discusses the importance of “white hat hacking” to Automated Intelligence…

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26th January 2018

One in Four London Businesses are Unaware of the GDPR

According to a new poll, conducted by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a quarter of businesses based in London have no knowledge of the incoming GDPR with only a few months left before it becomes law. The results display the continued lack of awareness regarding what the GDPR is, as well as who it affects.

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4th December 2017

Cookies and GDPR: What you need to know

Cookies and GDPR compliance, perhaps you haven't thought about how regulation changes could impact the way you market? Find out everything you need to know about how GDPR will affect the way you use web analytics tools like cookies in your business.

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27th October 2017

GDPR: What’s lurking in your unstructured data?

Unstructured data is the collective name for the information that your organisation creates, and keeps, to help it carry out its primary tasks, but isn’t in a recognisable structure or contained in a database.

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