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From: 18th September at 12:00pm - 18th September at 1:00pm

Do you ever wish you had a smart meter for your data?

In our special utilities webinar, Automated Intelligence is giving you the opportunity to hear from solutions experts in data management, risk and GDPR.

They’ll be delving into the unique challenges organisations in this sector are facing.

As the volume of data increases, so does the potential for risk. This can result in irreparable legal, financial and reputation consequences for your organisation.

So, it’s time to plug into your data today and take control!

Topics include:
  • the importance of reputation and trust in the utilities sector
  • why organisations need to do more with their data in today’s switch-heavy market
  • how effective data compliance can maintain public confidence, as well as protecting organisations from the legal and financial impact of a costly GDPR breach

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