5 May 2020

Microsoft Double Gold Partner Automated Intelligence (AI) has reflected on its role to deliver a significant award-winning intranet transformation project for Nationwide Building Society. The innovative intranet, saw Nationwide scale from the bottom of the Digital Workplace Group’s benchmarking tables in 2013 to near the top.  

Like most organisations, Nationwide had prioritised funding towards its main customer-facing website while acknowledging faults within its old intranet platform. Staff were unable to locate information accurately as the intranet lacked an operational search function with only 3% of the content being indexed.  

Similarly, the intranet held significantly large volumes of content with no insights into its value. This raised concerns for data governance as content was continually being created with no compliance policies in place. As banks are some of the most heavily regulated organisations in the world, this was a huge concern for Nationwide. 

The bank’s main goal as part of the project was to create a digital workplace that was robust, productive and well-functioning. Reducing the level of risk associated with content creation was also a huge priority. This was especially significant as most of the content produced, as is the case with most financial services firms, was productbased and shared with consumers. 

In partnership with Civica Digital, formerly SFW, AI won the contract to complete the Bank’s intranet transformation project, which involved redefining the platform’s information architecture to improve data quality and access. AI facilitated the application of data governance measures against a framework based on user access rights. This would determine which members of staff had permissions to create, review and publish new content to the intranet. 

AI provides organisations with clear insight into large-scale data silos. This helps to determine the value of information contained within an organisation’s data estate. With the Nationwide project, the bank sought to reduce its data estate by 75% using metadata insights, which was used to identify high-value content by most accessed and viewed data. With a cleansed data estate, AI could begin the data migration to SharePoint Online. 

The transformation project was deemed a success with every piece of intranet content clearly labelled and dated to ensure ongoing accountability. The new intranet platform also featured clearly defined intranet user roles to distinguish between content owners and publishers.  

Paul Hudson, Principal Solutions Specialist at AI, said of the project: “We were delighted to work with Nationwide to assist with the delivery of this transformation project. At AI, we specialise in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions and understand the importance of reporting on an organisation’s data against relevant compliance policies. With Nationwide, all content created on the intranet is now subject to a six-monthly review cycle whereby every page must be reviewed and reapproved. If the re-approval is not forthcoming, the page is flagged and removed.  

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