Cloud archive solution

AI.CLOUD SERVICES provides an enhanced solution over FileShares and legacy platforms including search, audit and retention management.

On average, organisations spend £20k per TB on storage. However, research shows that less than 2% of information is recalled after two years. Organisations need an easy-to-implement way of identifying data that can be archived to a less expensive storage platform, such as Microsoft Azure. This archived information must be secure, easily accessed, searchable, and legally held and managed against retention and disposition policies.
  • Increases quality, accessibility and control of information
  • Reduces cost of non-business critical data by up to 80%, freeing up budgets for re-investment
  • All archive records can be searched, retained against policy and fully audited
  • Documents and records are managed in line with organisational and regulatory requirements
  • Allows the development of a cloud-based strategy with verified low-risk data
  • Defensible disposition policies mean that data no longer needs to be held indefinitely, further reducing costs and risk
  • Simplified management and a subscription cost model greatly reduces the overall cost of managing data