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Transform your unstructured data into actionable, cost-saving insights with AI.DATALIFT.

AI.DATALIFT is one of the most powerful and intuitive data management platforms in the world. Cloud-based, on Microsoft Azure, it provides businesses with insight and control over their data. Organisations can quickly and efficiently improve their data management capability by migrating, archiving or deleting the terabytes (and even petabytes) of data held in expensive on-premises infrastructure.
Benefits of AI.DATALIFT
  • Uncover the most valuable information across your enterprise in real-time
  • Gain actionable, cost-saving insights, fast
  • Access relevant and accurate information at the point of need
  • Benefit from intelligent self-learning analysis of your content
  • Automatically classify data against your Information Governance strategy
  • Gain intelligent and automated subject-based GDPR compliance
  • Harness the power of Microsoft Azure to provide unparalleled scalability and security

of unstructured data is DROT

Data Storage & Redundancy

Are you paying high on-premise data storage costs?

On average 80% of an organisation’s data is DROT; this means it is duplicate, redundant, obsolete or trivial. Using machine learning AI.DATALIFT analyses what data is being held. It then intelligently categorises it to be either migrated to, or archived in, the cloud (Microsoft SharePoint and Azure) or deleted. This creates substantial cost savings.

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Data analysis & insights

Are you unsure of what data your business holds?

AI.DATALIFT, using the power of Microsoft Azure, analyses your current data (on-premise and legacy systems) and within hours can provide a single view of your entire data estate. Within a unique insights dashboard you will see what data you currently hold, where it is located, who has access to it and what it currently costs to store.

Using machine learning, we’ll help you discover the most valuable information in your organisation. These insights will identify business opportunities and risk, and help you comply with data regulations (e.g. GDPR).


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  • For information on how we handle your data please read our privacy notice.