Providing insights and governance over your unstructured data
Content in business is growing at an exponential rate. This inevitably leads to ungoverned data risks, reduced user productivity, increased storage costs and poor system performance. AI.DATALIFT brings together insights from unstructured data across your organisation, regardless of source. It uncovers and reduces both the risk and cost within your current data set and provides a powerful real-time dashboard which enables future information governance and compliance.
Benefits of AI.DATALIFT
  • Uncover the most valuable information across your enterprise in real-time
  • Remediate your zero-value content, fast
  • Access relevant and accurate information at the point of need
  • Benefit from intelligent self-learning analysis of your content
  • Automatically classify data against your Information Governance strategy
  • Gain intelligent and automated subject-based GDPR compliance
Cleaner Data. Reduced Cost.

As storage devices fill, the time for anti-virus scanning and back-ups to complete increases along with storage costs and the risk of data breaches, malware attacks, and system failure.

AI.DATALIFT can reduce storage requirements within 24 hours of deployment. By using fast metadata based analysis, it can immediately identify zero-value content and remediate it, risk-free. This ROT (Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial) data typically makes up 60-70% of an organisation’s data and removing or archiving it can provide instant cost-savings.

Stronger Governance. Reduced Risk

Saving documents to local drives and unauthorised platforms or sharing them with other users via email are all ways in which users ignore data management best practices. This behaviour reduces the amount of control an organisation has over its data and not only causes duplication of documents and degradation of security but also increases the risk of data being lost or compromised.

Within AI.DATALIFT’s dashboard, organisations can report on the state of its data in real-time; where it is being stored, who owns it, frequency of use and the risk it might create. Policy-based actions such as disposing, archiving, moving or retaining data can be applied through classifications. AI.DATALIFT will automate this process by classifying data against your information management policy. As insights are gained, new classifications and policies can be created, protecting your data against future risk.

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Flexible Payments. Controlled Costs.

AI.DATALIFT is a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution offering complete flexibility through a monthly subscription plan.

By using AI.DATALIFT to direct your data management strategy, you can ensure that your data will be protected and managed under governance throughout every stage of your organisation’s growth.  AI.DATALIFT provides both data insights and tools to allow organisations to take control of data management problems.

As organisations evolve and the demands for data and business challenges change AI.DATALIFT’s applications can be added to provide further functionality for GDPR and migration.

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