Your journey to GDPR compliance

Achieve and demonstrate GDPR compliance in the cloud with AI.DATALIFT

Most large organisations have a substantial volume of data scattered around their IT infrastructure in silos of file shares, legacy document and record management systems, and other stores of structured and unstructured data. GDPR Powered by AI.DATALIFT will transform your unstructured data into actionable, cost-saving data insights which reduce legal, financial and reputational risk.
Benefits of GDPR Powered by AI.DATALIFT
  • Audit and report on GDPR and organisational risk assessment
  • Use a library of proven best practice GDPR templates, processes and procedures
  • Manage Information Governance
  • Monitor and complete Personally Identifiable Information (PII) requests
  • Cost effective, with no capital expenditure, and no need for on-premise hardware of software
  • 100% cloud solution that efficiently analyses and manages terabytes and petabytes of data
  • Reduces potential of legal, financial and reputational risk
Subject Access Requests

Do you have a process in place for managing PII requests?

When the new GDPR was introduced in May 2018 organisations gained a responsibility to process subject access requests in 30 days or less. Using eDiscovery across AI.DATALIFT on Microsoft Azure, GDPR Powered by AI.DATALIFT can perform automated Personal Identifiable Information (PII) discovery across on-premise and cloud platforms.

Within the GDPR compliance dashboard, PII requests can be monitored, managed and completed quickly and seamlessly.

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Data Security

Are you worried about data security and GDPR?

A key component of the GDPR mandate is data classification and information governance; the processes you put in place to protect the data you hold. GDPR Powered by AI.DATALIFT automatically enforces governance across all content, including historical and legacy data, reducing legal and reputational risk.

Using machine learning and assisted self-learning, AI.DATALIFT can classify data upon discovery, enforce governance and self-refine as data volumes grow.

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Data Management

Are you unsure of what data your business holds and where?

To meet the revised GDPR requirements, organisations needs to have a complete understanding of the data that they hold.

GDPR Powered by AI.DATALIFT, using the power of Microsoft Azure, analyses your current data (on-premise and legacy systems) and within hours can provide a single view of your entire data estate. Within a unique insights dashboard you will see what data you currently hold, where it is located, who has access to it and what GDPR risk you currently face.


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