Published on 24th January 2018

Information Governance and Records Management

The City of Cardiff Council supports organisational change with Microsoft SharePoint and tools from Automated Intelligence in an Information Management Project. The aim is to improve and maintain standards of service delivery in the face of reducing resources for local government.

The Challenge

The City of Cardiff Council is the governing body for Cardiff, the capital City of Wales. In 2013, the Council had to deliver over £50 million of savings and continues to face significant reductions in their budget year on year. In order to meet these targets they needed to implement improvement projects in different areas of the business, one of which being the management of their information, a key asset in the organisation. Initially, the Council had a basic framework for information management with limited formalised structures, processes or technology in place. The existing arrangements did not support the Council’s vision to become more cost effective and efficient in the running of its business operations. The challenge for Cardiff was to introduce a formal corporate solution for managing its information to support their ambitious Organisational Development Programme.

The Solution

The Council reviewed a number of different Electronic Document and Record Management Solutions (EDRMS). Following research in the market, the council realised that they could maximise their current technology investment with Microsoft and have a cost-effective EDRMS based on Microsoft SharePoint using three tools from Automated Intelligence (AI).

AI.COMPLIANCE EXTENDER extends and leverages the capability of SharePoint to meet regulatory control and support best practice records management. AI.SYNCPOINT enables the seamless integration of Outlook and SharePoint. The Microsoft and AI solution is based on standard user tools enabling quicker user uptake. The security model, records management and information governance capability is improved through effective and automatic record capture, declaration and management; permission control and enhanced system reporting.

By adding features expected from a robust records management system to the enterprise collaboration features of the Council’s current SharePoint, the Council are delivering a next-generation platform that can support business change.

In addition, the Council has selected AI.DATAPOINT, to enable an accelerated and more efficient implementation of SharePoint as the EDRMS as well facilitating data storage savings. This means that data can be cleansed and categorised which can then be migrated and managed from the Council’s current information repositories of file shares into the new EDRMS based on SharePoint. Data is categorised by security, retention and access requirements against the information policy of the organisation. This will improve the quality and relevancy of data within the new system.

The Impact

“We handle millions of documents a year, so the Automated Intelligence and Microsoft Solution will enable us to develop a corporate document and record management system, compliant to regulations. We have already seen major efficiencies; for example the Information Governance team are using the system to record and locate physical items replacing spreadsheet processes, saving time and money.

We can also see the advantage of Outlook integration in that an email can be easily managed as a record.

This is a powerfully managed tool which meets our record retention and classification needs, and will enable us to address the new requirements from the Government’s Protective Markings and Classification Scheme from day one.

This investment will lead to more streamlined processes saving time, money and improving efficiencies, supporting our vision of transforming how we do business. This will enable us to work smarter and better so that we can improve and maintain standards of service delivery in the face of reducing resources for local government.”

Vivienne Pearson, Operational Manager for Improvement and Information, The City of Cardiff