Advanced CRM Dynamics Integration
with Microsoft SharePoint

Automate and simplify the capture and management of records within Microsoft Dynamics CRM

An increasing number of organisations are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage their interaction with customers and for internal case management. One of the requirements that continues to be prevalent in customer engagements is the need to manage the information held within Dynamics CRM against corporate and regulatory requirements.

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To significantly increase the governance of the information held within CRM, organisations turn to SharePoint as a document and records repository. A solution that automates the provisioning of suitable structures in SharePoint, applying policy, metadata and security as core capabilities, is required.

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The solution

AI provides an extension for Dynamics CRM that automates and simplifies the capture and management of records within CRM as they are received and created as part of a normal interaction workflow.

The user experience is enhanced through the use of AI.SYNCPOINT for Microsoft Outlook, which allows the user to interact and manage the Dynamics CRM right from within Outlook.

This solution significantly improves the user experience and organisational control over the information that forms a critical part of any case or engagement managed by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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