Data Cleanse, Categorisation and Migration to
SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure

Simplify data management, improve data quality
and reduce costs

AI - Simplify data management, improve data quality and reduce costs

Data volumes are increasing exponentially, resulting in costly and complex data management. Organisations typically retain more than double the information that is current, relevant or useful, which means it generally costs an enterprise twice as much as it should to store corporate information.

To simplify data management and reduce costs, organisations need to migrate relevant and corporately required data to a single consolidated and cleansed environment. Existing data will need to be cleansed and categorised. The structure, policy, metadata and security permissions need to be managed as part of the migration process. Organisations require migration tools to fully manage the process of migration in an accurate, timely and audited manner.

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The solution

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AI.DATAPOINT automates and manages the process of cleansing, categorising and migrating data from current information repositories to a new single consolidated environment, either on premise, the Cloud, or a hybrid of both.

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Customer testimonial

The Supreme Court used AI.DATAPOINT to complete an integral and complex migration project from Opentext Livelink to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint 2013.

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Automated Intelligence proved that they could remove the content from our previously heavily customised system, which meant that we could decommission it. Following that they transformed the information so that it could be mapped accurately to the appropriate location in our new system. Our staff are now able to access new and historical case-loads from the new and improved system.

Paul Brigland

Head of ICT for the UK Supreme Court

Read more on how the UK Supreme Court successfully migrated content to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Online to enable them to benefit from a more streamlined and cost-effective case management system

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