Data Profiling and Analytics

Identify and quantify cost savings and efficiencies

AI - Identify and quantify cost savings and efficiencies

Managing unstructured data with ever-increasing volumes of information across disparate systems, amid decreasing budgets and mounting regulatory pressure, continues to be a huge challenge for many organisations.

Developing an effective information management strategy can offer numerous opportunities for reducing and controlling IT costs and improving information governance and data quality. Before this can be done, it is critical to analyse an organisation’s current unstructured data and to identify how significant cost and efficiency savings can be achieved.

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The solution

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AI.ANALYTICS is a free analytics tool that helps organisations identify the tangible cost savings that can be realised by better managing their unstructured data through a fully automated information management and governance solution.

Using an organisation’s data, it examines how to allow the organisation to understand the exact profile of the data. The tool identifies information which is relevant, required by corporate/regulatory policy, inaccessible, duplicated and redundant.

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Customer testimonial

We analysed the content for Cancer Focus NI in preparation for a migration to SharePoint in Office 365. The tool identified duplicates, redundant files and corporate records, and as a result, evaluated an impressive 81% storage saving.

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Automated Intelligence’s detailed analysis of our storage system and files contained within helped us to estimate the amount of duplicate and redundant information that was held on our system, and in addition, advised us of our current and future data growth trends and the storage savings that might be realised if data growth was controlled.

Roisin Foster

Chief Executive of Cancer Focus NI

Read full story about how Cancer Focus Northern Ireland saves 81% of data storage costs, and staff benefit from enhanced collaboration by migrating to SharePoint 2013 in Office 365

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