Your 1st and 2nd line of defence, covered.

AI.DATALIFT automates your data governance and compliance strategy to meet regulatory standards. 

Our cloud-based, data management platform automates the data governance that is required by your first line of defence, flags and quantifies actionable key risk indicators for your second line of defence, and provides a full audit trail of compliance.


Benefits of Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Identification of over-retained data
  • Identification of data not under governance
  • Identification of personal data
  • Identification of card data
  • Automatic classification of data retention and disposition policies
  • Automatic classification of data against your Information Governance Strategy
  • Automatic data access control in line with your Information Governance Strategy
  • Evidence of compliance over time with a full audit trail
AI.DL Migration
Legal and Industry Requirements

Creating and managing information is key to the success of any business. Financial Services organisations are specifically tasked with knowing their customer in order to mitigate against cyber crime such as money laundering. In order to meet the ‘Know Your Customer’ standard and adhere to ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ legislation, they need to hold large volumes of customer data and, as such, need to manage this in line with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) requirements.

Legislation and standards monitored by the FCA and the ICO are complex and include the GDPR, PCI DSS Compliance, CCPA and SYSC.

Failure to comply leaves organisations open and liable to risks such as financial penalties and reputational damage.


AI.DATALIFT is a cloud-based GRC platform which applies appropriate policies and classifications to new data as it is being created in line with an organisation's information management strategy. Entire data estates are analysed in real time to identify data which is not under governance and flags any potential risks. AI.DATALIFT then reports on an organisation’s data estate to provide a full audit trail of compliance.

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