Legal and industry requirements
Organisations must comply with complex national, regional and industry legislation and regulations relating to the data they store across all their storage locations. Failure to comply leads to financial penalties and reputational damage that affects profits and growth. In this era of global social media and 24-hour news coverage, a positive brand reputation that has taken years to earn can disappear very quickly.
Benefits of Governance and Compliance
  • Bring regulatory risk under control
  • Automatically classify data against your Information Governance strategy
  • Centrally-managed retention and disposition policies, automatically
  • Evidence compliance with a comprehensive audit trail
  • Ensure no data is deleted without appropriate authority through workflow
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Dark and Unknown Data

Many organisations struggle to quantify the extent and nature of the data they store.

This is usually because there are so many “dark data” silos caused by employees which are not known to IT, Legal and Compliance teams.

An organisation’s entire data estate may span thousands of data siloes across hundreds of NAS drives and dozens of data centres and countries.

Other sources of ‘unknown’ dark data includes information that has been received as part of historic Merger and Acquisition activities, but was never fully analysed, indexed or classified to understand its content and the risk it poses.

What are the risks of non-compliance?

Governance Table

The benefits of governed data

With effective governance policies in place, and regulatory risk under control, organisations’ resources are no longer wasted on costly and reactionary fire-fighting and can be redeployed to more strategic issues.

There is peace of mind knowing that centrally-managed retention and disposition policies run automatically across the entire data estate to ensure compliance, evidenced by a comprehensive audit trail.

Workflow capability ensures that manual control can be inserted into any automated deletion process, so that no data is deleted without the appropriate level of scrutiny and authority.

AI.DATALIFT Governance Screen


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Find out more about Automated Governance with AI.DATALIFT

AI.DATALIFT is an Insights and Governance platform which helps organisations to understand and measure the risk posed by the data stored across the entire data estate. Analyses are automatically performed on the unstructured data, including its value to the business, who has access to it and what it contains. Information is classified and then the powerful software applies governance policies to ensure the appropriate retention and disposition policies are consistently applied.

  • For information on how we handle your data please read our privacy notice.