Intelligent Archiving to Microsoft Azure

Demonstrate measurable guaranteed savings with a secure low-risk cloud solution

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On average organisations spend £20k per TB (as identified by AI analysing over 60 organisations who outsource their data). However, not all data is equal; information becomes less relevant over time. AI’s research shows that less than 2% of information is recalled after two years.

Most organisations realise that cloud strategies can bring about tangible cost savings. Organisations need an easy-to-implement means of identifying data that can be archived and stored in a less expensive storage platform such as Microsoft Azure.

Organisations must ensure that their archived information and records are secure, easily accessed, searchable, and can be legally held and managed against retention and disposition policies through their full lifecycle.

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The solution

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AI.CLOUD SERVICES is a secure intelligent information management solution which allows organisations to drive rules-based archival of non-core data into the Microsoft Azure platform. The solution brings a new level of management and control across an organisation’s archive data, and allows a fully flexible and highly cost-effective approach to data management.

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