SharePoint Information Architecture
and Implementation

Build a SharePoint platform for your user

Once organisations have made a commitment to use SharePoint or SharePoint Online in Office 365 for managing information, it is essential that the project is implemented successfully. Due to a lack of resources, experience or expertise, some organisations require additional support to ensure the requirements of all stakeholders are being accurately addressed in the delivery of the platform.

AI - Building a SharePoint platform for your user

A structured approach is required comprising expert appraisal of an organisation’s requirements and challenges, prioritising these appropriately, and mapping to SharePoint functionality.

During initial engagement with the business, key stakeholders need to be identified and involved in recognising the essential requirements for the organisation and the user. Users need to be involved from the outset to ensure both effective adoption of the new environment and a successful transition to new ways of working.

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The solution

Consultancy Modules and Work Packages

Automated Intelligence have built a framework of tried and tested Work Packages grouped within a Consultancy Module Framework to provide design, implementation and high end consultancy for a wide range of organisations.

Consultancy Modules and Work Packages address discrete areas of design, build and transition to help you deliver a successful SharePoint project whether this is on-premise or in the Cloud.

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