Email integration for SharePoint and
SharePoint Online in Office 365

Optimising email integration

SharePoint continues to gain mass adoption within enterprise organisations due to its ease of use and collaborative nature. One of the key elements to ensure a successful SharePoint deployment is ensuring that it holds all the information required by the user and ultimately the organisation.

Find out how to easily encourage collaboration to increase user productivity, flexibility and compliance of Microsoft SharePoint through Outlook.

A lot of information that is required by the user and the organisation originates or is received through email. Having an environment where email and attachments can live with the project related documents and content will simplify the life of the user, increase

productivity and further drive adoption of SharePoint. The organisation will also drive better compliance through improved management of data and a more engaged and efficient user population.

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The solution

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AI.SYNCPOINT is the simple but powerful tool for a seamless Microsoft Outlook integration with SharePoint/ Office 365 to drive user productivity, adoption and compliance.

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Customer testimonial

Northern Ireland's public transport provider, Translink, chooses Automated Intelligence to support their information and records management strategy and drive user adoption.

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SharePoint is currently used to manage important documentation and information which enables Translink to identify and achieve objectives. A high percentage of our staff continue to use email as their key communication tool for sharing information. To support our records and information strategy, we were keen to implement an email integration tool that would allow the easy transfer of emails and attachments from Outlook, and shared drives into SharePoint. This is to ensure the organisation has a single place to manage core business information, which will enable the organisation to meet its obligations under the Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation more effectively and efficiently. Translink find AI.SYNCPOINT to be user friendly with an intuitive nature, as it needed to support a wider ranging skill level of computer users. This solution will enable the organisation to manage and control information within email consistently, overall enabling us to deliver a productive information service for our employees.

Elaine McElhill

Translink Information Manager

Read more on how Translink support their information and records management strategy.

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