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Is Your Data "Cloud Ready"?

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Webinar overview:

Organisations can make a potential of 70% cost savings through reduced storage, infrastructure and management of cloud solutions. Coupled with enhanced scalability and more flexibility, organisational leaders see the advantage of moving information from an On-premise to a Cloud solution.

A typical challenge faced when defining a Cloud information strategy is understanding your data, and whether it is appropriate to manage and store all of your data in the Cloud.

Matt Maunder, Automated Intelligence SharePoint Specialist

Matt Maunder
Information Management Specialist

Webinar broadcast on 18th September, 2014 | Duration: 36 minutes

In this session:

Determine your data profile, allowing you to understand the information in your organisation and how it can be rationalised for the Cloud

Identify what is required to cleanse, sort and segregate data to ensure your content is accurately categorised and optimised for migration

Develop a migration strategy to enable content to be migrated to the most appropriate location, whether that is on-premise, Office365, Windows Azure, or another Cloud platform