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Why Outlook can hold the key to SharePoint user adoption

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Webinar overview:

It is important to ensure user adoption is high in order to increase the return on your SharePoint investment.

In this 24 minute session, SharePoint Specialist Matt Maunder from Automated Intelligence will show there is no need for a change in user behaviour to facilitate the adoption of Microsoft SharePoint as an information management repository. You will learn how user adoption of SharePoint can be maximised by using the familiar user interface of Microsoft Outlook, bringing together your businesses two most important assets - data and people.

Matt Maunder, Automated Intelligence SharePoint Specialist

Matt Maunder
AI SharePoint Specialist

Webinar broadcast on 5th February, 2014 | Duration: 24 minutes

In this session:

Control Information across the organisation through email integration with SharePoint.

Drive information governance through metadata inheritance and automatic application of security and retention information, and facilitating data deduplication by encouraging use of links instead of attachments.

Optimise user adoption of Microsoft SharePoint through the familiar interface of Outlook driving efficiencies and user productivity.

Support Mobile Workers with limited or offline connections to the central SharePoint Environment.